Call for Journal Paper Presentations

SenSys has partnered with prestigious journals to incorporate presentations of some of their papers into a special session of the main program. The authors of papers in these journals are invited to present their work at SenSys to expand the outreach of their archival publication while complementing the research track program offered to attendees.

The journals currently part of this agreement with SenSys are:

  • ACM Transactions on Internet of Things (TIOT)
  • ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN)

Eligibility Requirements

To meet the requirements for journal presentation, a paper:

  • Must have been published by any of the journals above no earlier than 24 months before the submission deadline below, or be currently accepted for publication;

  • Must be in the scope of the conference, as described in the Call for Papers at;

  • Should report new research results or novel contributions that significantly expand upon previous work;

  • Must not have been presented at, or be under consideration in, similar journal presentation tracks at other conferences.

How to Submit

The authors of eligible journal papers can submit their application to present at SenSys via HotCRP at, notably including information about:

  • Title, authors and affiliations, and abstract of the paper;

  • A URL pointing to the original accepted paper on the journal website, or a PDF copy of the paper currently accepted but not yet published with a copy of the acceptance notification appended to the end of the paper;

  • A statement explaining how the paper meets the eligibility requirements.

Selection Process

As eligible journal papers have already been reviewed and accepted by the partnering journals, the selection process does not include a re-review of their technical content. Instead, submissions are checked against the eligibility requirements above.

If the number of eligible proposals exceeds the one allocated in the main program, priority is given to papers that best fit the conference scope, complement the program, and maximize participation; for example, as they are authored by researchers who do not have another paper in the conference program already. Journal papers that are not an extension of papers already presented at SenSys or closely-related venues are generally preferred. Further, journal papers that applied for presentation at SenSys in previous years but were not selected are welcome to apply again, as the selection process starts afresh every year.

Presentation, Attendance, and Publication

It is expected that at least one of the authors of a journal accepted for presentation at SenSys registers to the conference and attends the whole event. Journal presentations will be scheduled in their own track as part of the main program, and ideally allocated the same time as regular papers. As journal papers have already been published, they will not be part of the SenSys proceedings. However, the information about where to retrieve the original journal paper will be listed in the conference program.

Important Dates

Submission of Application for Journal Presentation     August 26th, 2022
Author Notification     September 23rd, 2022

Journal Track Chairs

Luca Mottola, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Niki Trigoni, University of Oxford (UK)