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A TDMA-based MAC Protocol for WSNs

L. van Hoesel, T. Nieberg, P. Havinga


Active Rules for Wireless Networks of Sensors & Actuators

M. Zoumboulakis, G. Roussos, A. Poulovassilis


Using Hierarchical Location Names for Scalable Routing and Rendezvous

in Wireless Sensor Networks

F. Bian, R. Govindan, S. Schenker, X. Li


Implementation and Evaluation of Scalable and Robust Scheme for Data

Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Kashihara, N. Wakamiya, M. Murata


M2RC: Multiplicative-increase/Additive-decrease Multipath Routing

Control for Wireless Sensor Networks

H. Morcos, I. Matta, A. Bestavros


Limits of Localization Using RSS

E. Elnahrawy, X. Li, R. Martin


Analysis of RFID Anti-Collision Algorithms using Smart Antennas

J. Lee, S. K. Das, K-a. Kim


Flexible Hardware Abstraction of the TI MSP430 Microcontroller in


V. Handziski, J. Polastre, J-H. Hauer, C. Sharp


MNP: Multihop Network Reprogramming Service for Sensor Networks

L. Wang


Infuse: A TDMA Based Reprogramming Service for Sensor Networks

M. Arumugam


A Clustering Method that Uses Lossy Aggregation of Data

A. Jindal, K. Psounis


Exploring the Predictability of Network Metrics in Presence of

Unreliable Wireless Links

M. Zuniga, B. Krishnamachari


Data Acquisition in Multi-sink Sensor Networks

A. Das, D. Dutta


Practical and Robust Geographical Routing in Wireless Networks

Y.-J. Kim, R. Govindan, B. Karp, S. Schenker


Power-Time Efficient Algorithm for Computing FFT in Sensor Networks

T. Canli, M. Terwilliger, A. Gupta, A. Khokhar


Revisiting the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks

K. Sha, W. Shi


Energy-Efficient Data Organization and Query Processing in Sensor


R. Gummadi, X.Li, R. Govindan, C. Shahabi, W. Hong


RAODV: An Efficient Routing Algorithm for Sensor Networks

H. S. Hamza, S. Wu


A Case for All-Wireless, Dual-Radio Virtual Sinks

C.-Y. Wan, A. T. Campbell, J. Crowcroft


SpyGlass: Taking a closer look into sensor networks

C. Buschmann, D. Pfisterer, S. Fischer, S. P. Fekete, A. Kroller


A New Metric for Fault-Tolerance in Sensor Networks

B. Hao, A. Sen, B. H. Shen



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