SenSys welcomes financial sponsorship from companies and organizations. Sponsoring SenSys is a great opportunity to increase visibility and product awareness within networked sensing system communities.

Sponsors will be acknowledged at the conference opening remark. Company names and logos will appear on SenSys 2011 website and proceedings. In addition, each sponsor will receive a table at the demo/poster session to showcase their product to the sensor system research community. The minimum sponsorship is $2,500. Every $5,000 sponsorship will receive one free conference registration.

Sponsors may direct the fund to specific SenSys 2011 awards or events, such as Best Paper Award(s), Best Demo Award(s), Best Poster Award(s), Student Travel Award(s), N2Women, and conference reception. Other demands can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Interested sponsors should contact Sponsorship Chairs in corresponding region:

East Asia: Junwei Cao (jcao@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn)
Europe: Pedro Jose Marron (pjmarron@uni-due.de)
US and other countries: Santosh Kumar (skumar4@memphis.edu)


We gratefully recognize the support from the following organizations.