ACM SenSys 2007  
The 5th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
sydney, Australia, 6 Nov. - 9 Nov., 2007 


Submission guidelines for Papers

Instructions for Paper Submission

Authors will submit their papers through the SenSys 2007 Paper Management (  web site (running HotCRP courtesy of Eddie Kohler) in three steps:

   1. Creation of a personal account on SenSys 2007 Paper Management web site (if you are new to the web site).
   2. Registration of their paper (registration requires a short abstract of up to 150 words and selection of topics). Deadline: 11:59 PM, 10 April, 2007,  US Eastern Time
   3. Upload of their paper in PDF format only. Deadline: 11:59 PM, 17 April, 2007, US Eastern Time

Authors can always re-upload their manuscripts before the paper submission deadline. The new uploaded manuscript will overwrite the existing one.

Originality Requirements
Submitted papers must meet the following requirements:
	•	No concurrent submissions: Other similar papers based on the same material must not be concurrently under review for any other publication (journal, magazine, conference, symposium, workshop, or any other technical meeting with published proceedings).
	•	No prior publications: The papers must be based on original material that has not been previously published (or accepted for publication) at any journal, magazine, conference, symposium, workshop, or any other technical meeting with published proceedings.

Papers violating the above requirements will be rejected irrespective of the quality of the technical content, even if such violations are discovered after an initial notification of acceptance. Moreover, in case of concurrent submissions, the chairs or editors of the other conference or publication will also be informed of this violation.
Copyright Release
Authors of accepted papers will need to sign an ACM copyright release form and present their paper at the conference. The Proceedings of the conference will be published by ACM Press and distributed at the conference; copies of the Proceedings will also be available for sale after the conference.
Formatting Requirements
All submissions will be handled electronically and must be in PDF format.
	•	Papers must not exceed 14 pages (US "Letter" size, 8.5 x 11 inches) including all material (text, figures and references).
	•	The font size must be at least 10 points. (Note: 10 point not 9 point)
	•	Papers should be in two-column format with no more than 59 lines of text per column and at least 0.75" margins on all sides.  

We recommend submissions to be formatted as closely to publication format as possible. Templates for LaTeX are currently available. 
ACM provides a template for MS-Word but that assumes 9 point fonts and will require modification. 
Here are the SenSys templates provided by Adam Dunkels.

Submission-Only Requirements
The SenSys review process is double-blind (both author and reviewer identities are withheld from each other) and hence all submissions must be anonymized. Authors' names and their affiliations must not be revealed or mentioned anywhere in the paper. In place of the author list, please put "Sensys Paper #nnn" on the first page of your paper, where nnn is the paper number you are assigned from the reviewing system. See the anonymity guidelines page for further details.