"Sensor Networks: The Next 10 Years"

We are approaching almost a decade since the Embedded Everywhere report helped launch much of the recent work in sensor networks. A lot of good has happened, in building platforms (such as Motes, TinyOS) to their deployments and applications built around these. A lot of it has appeared at Sensys that is now in its 7th year. What is next? Flying swarms of microbots, self-assembly structure, body sensors or something else? Is there an expansive view of the field that spans other areas related to energy efficiency at the societal scale? This panel is a forward look into where the long term problems and opportunities are.


  • Joe Paradiso, MIT Media Lab
  • Jorge Pereira, European Commission
  • Mani Srivastava, UC Los Angeles
  • Jack Stankovic, University of Virginia
  • Rajesh Gupta, UC San Diego, Moderator